What is Zeda Trades Autocopy?

Zeda Trades Autocopy is an innovative feature that lets you automatically copy Lead Traders on the Zeda Trades platform and learn from their experience.
Find the traders you want to copy from the leaderboard and simply hit Autocopy.
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Past performance is not an indication of future results.

How Does Autocopy Trading Work?

Choose the trader you’d like to Autocopy, input the amount of funds you’d like to allocate and click Autocopy.
You just started mirroring the Lead Trader’s positions automatically and in real time!
You can close any individual trades or pause autocopying any trader, any time you want.
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Past performance is not an indication of future results.
Find a Lead Trader in the Leaderboard
Check out the Leaderboard, search by performance, assets, percentage of the win rate and more. Find the one for you and press Autocopy.
Check trader’s performance statistics
Click on the Autocopy button to access the Autocopy settings and essential trading indicators that show how the Lead Trader performs and how copiers benefit.
Auto Copy
Choose the type of autocopy and investment amount
Choose how you want to copy a trader with a percentage or with a fixed amount per trade.
Add individual Stop Loss and Take Profit triggers
You copy Stop Loss and Take Profit settings after your leader, but you can set the limits individually for each trade in your trades menu.
Take profit
Stop loss
Confirm settings and start Autocopying
Enter the ratio or amount and click on Start Autocopying. Now you are automatically mirroring trader’s positions. You can monitor your progress or change your Autocopy settings any time without closing your positions in the Copy Trading section.
Auto Copy
After you confirmed your Autocopy settings ⚙️, the algorithm will automatically mirror any eligible trade opened by the Lead Trader.
That means that any order that falls within the parameters you set will be copied instantly 🔁 unless there are insufficient funds on your balance or another issue. In this case, the order will be skipped, and you will see your missed trades in the AutoCopy timeline menu.
You can copy an unlimited number of traders simultaneously. Autocopy will always be active unless you pause ⏸ it or the Lead Trader stops his trading activity.

User feedback about

Zeda Trades Autocopy

What I particularly appreciate about the Zeda Trades platform, on which I have been registered since April 1st, 2020, is the first-class support. Each of the support members takes care of all questions about trading or technichal issues. Zeda Trades is super transparent, technically very well-positioned and equipped with first-class support so that you can feel like a trader here at any time. I particularly like the SocialTrading, i.e. the possibility to be copied! I already recommend the platform to friends, relatives and work colleagues to benefit from it too 🙂
Zeda Trades is awesome! Not just because you’re given the opportunity to harvest money as a secondary income, but more because of the whole social media idea behind it. I found what works best for me. I really like using all the different tools to analyze charts but also the Auto-Copy most out of all the features that are given by the Zeda Trades platform. Just make sure to use it in the right way! Must have! But always be aware of what you’re doing.
My Experience with Zeda Trades is Great! I like that the platform is simple to undertsand, similar to Facebook, for example. And also autocopying feature is very simple to use and works good here. I would say Zeda Trades is a social network for anyone, as any financial trader can use it without the need to be a professional. Zeda Trades is a great tool for both beginners and PROs.

Copy the trades of other Traders,
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Try Copy Trading — Discover True Social Trading
Diversify your trading and try following the strategies of our Lead traders. Mirror their trading activity. They trade, you trade!
Their potential becomes yours too!
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Past performance is not an indication of future results.
Follow Lead Traders and copy their trading activity with Zeda Trades Autocopy
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Past performance is not an indication of future results.
We are glad to answer your questions to start autocopy trading today
What is the minimum amount needed to copy another trader?
How does Autocopy work? How do I start Autocopying someone?
How long does it take for a copied trade to appear in My Trades?
Can other traders at Zeda Trades Autocopy me?
How much does Autocopy cost?
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Past performance is not an indication of future results.
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